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💜🌷💜Lisa Musulman💜🌷💜



My Story

  Hi, My name is Lisa.  I was invited to a Scentsy Party by a friend.  I just loved the product so much and saw how easy it sells itself, I decided to become a consultant right then and there.  That day I went home and signed up on my home computer.   I also love how beautiful the warmers are and of great quality.  My house smells wonderful all of the time and I don't have to worry about blowing out a candle or my kids causing a fire with them.  Scentsy Candles have NO WICKS, NO FLAME, NO SOOT! Which makes them SAFE!  I am married to a Firefighter and he loves Scentsy too!  We now don't worry about being another house fire statistic caused by a candle not being blown out. And there are many!  I love meeting new people.   I have NEVER had Soooo Much Fun Selling anything in my life as much as I LOVE Selling Scentsy!! Scentsy is great for those who want to Join, Host or Buy!  I would love for you to join my team or host a party. I am here for my team!  You will get all of the help and support that you need and/or want from me! Don't wait, contact me now!  909-319-1915 The opportunity to grow and build yourself a new, fun and exciting business is right at your fingertips and I would love to help you get there!! Let's get to the TOP together! Join now! Whether you want to Buy Scentsy or Sell it,  I just know you will LOVE it too!!! I am so pleased to say.... if it wasn't for Scentsy, I would have missed out on meeting some wonderful people who I now call my friends and I can't wait to meet more!  Please "Like" my Facebook Page!  My Scentsy Timeline: 4/10/2010- Joined (Essential Consultant) May 2010- Skipped Certified and jumped to Lead Consultant September 2010- Became Star Consultant March 2011- SuperStar Consultant April 2011- DIRECTOR!!!!!!!  WHOOO HOOO!!!!!!!! August 2011- Scentsy Convention in Fortworth, TX January 2012- Riviera Maya-Leadership Retreat June 2012- All Inclusive trip to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana!  Thank you Scentsy!!! ♥ July 2012- Scensy Convention in Vegas baby!!  April 2013 Bootcamp #21 Idaho! (Got stuck in the Scentsy Elevator and bounded for life with 9 other Scentsy Directors for about an HOUR! YIKES!) May 2013 All Inclusive trip for two to COSTA RICA Scentsy style!      <!--endbody-->

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